Home-made Collapsible Wood Stove
    Last winter I made a collapsible tent stove out of old computer boxes, specifically the large side panels. I cut the metal with a small jig saw. Bent the metal with a ball peen hammer on the side of a sturdy old wood-stove in the garage. A dremel tool helped too as did some rivets. Its a simple design not requiring much skill or fancy tools.  Made a template out of cardboard before cutting the metal. Also it was cheap: I went to the local recycling depot near the city dump and gathered up all the metal for free.  I used tools already at the house. Stayed out many nights below -20 c.
    Works great for the first prototype; a custom shelter would help as would different metal but that will cost money. The stove pipe was a telescoping dryer tube; not optimal but sufficed for using the stove. The stove will rust though if not cared for (i.e., oiled lightly before storage). But even if not pretty it will work in an emergency and shows the concept works well, that it can be made with simple tools and scrap metal and is worth a larger investment if one does a lot of cold weather outings.

Cutting the Door's Hole

A dremel tool allows for precise cuts.

The stove, broken down for packing.

All of the stove's parts.


A view from the top.

The stove in the shelter.

The stove, red hot.

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