Home-made Collapsible Wood Stove

  The front and side panels all have 90 degree flanges on their ends. These flanges are nested behind the threaded rod (the only part purchased from the hardware store). The key engineering feature is the wing nuts on the threaded rod: they snug up the whole box and the compression holds the stove together. Plus, the heat expansion adds to the stability too by making the box even tighter. After hours and hours of burning no significant warping has occured; and what has occurred is not a problem given the compression of the nuts. Obiously machine bent metal would be even better but its far from necessary to make a fully functional unit.
    The stove cooked perfectly too - a nice even constant heat, unlike many gas stoves. My tacos and eggs and sausage were tasty.

Marching in the snowy forest.

Darkness descends.

Shelter, done.

The shelter has lots of space.

Ready to light!

Getting warm - all the snow on the ground in the shelter is gone.

Beef stew, done.

Breakfast, done.

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