Home-made Collapsible Wood Stove

    Weight: a little under 8lbs. Heavy? I suppose. But the amount of labour needed to collect and cut wood for a winter's night
winter's night
in a lean too
lean too
is cut by almost 2/3 when using the stove, and this is so even in the inefficient improvised shelter, so there is some efficiency gained even if the stove is heavy. Plus, there is almost no smoke, unlike the survivalist's lean too
survivalist's lean too
, and its a lot warmer. My double walled 4 season mountaineering tent is heavy too; but a custom shelter would not need to be so heavy-duty given the source of heat; with the stove a warmer shelter can be had with even lighter tent fabrics. 
      This project started out as an experiment to see if a lightweight, collapsible, portable stove would perform in such a way that it would justify a larger investment in a commercially prepared model.  I think that the experiment was a success.  Of all the commercial models available I think that Patrick Smith's Kifaru design is the best.  My colleague who helped me build and test the stove as well as myself have since purchased a Kifrau tipi and stove.